No One Ever Regretted Building Quality Into Their Home

One of the best things about building a home is you get to decide exactly what it will be like. One of the worst: you’ll have to make a lot of decisions. That’s where we can help. 3:16 Home Exteriors offers a wider array of windows, siding and doors than just about anyone. Yet we’ve streamlined the selection process down to a few simple steps. Best of all, our reputation for quality and reliability is unsurpassed.


Making The Most of Your Construction Budget
It may be your dream home, but the costs are very real. Making the right window decisions in the early planning can save you money. Learn how.


Maximize The Benefits of Windows With Our 6 Design Principles
Everyone knows the importance of floor plans when designing a home, but architects have long been aware of the enticing effect of well-placed windows as well. Simply put, what floor plans do for space, wall plans do for light, vision and ventilation. Learn how Windowcentric design can make a noticeable difference in the way your home looks and feels.


Location, Location, Location
Once you’ve selected a site for your new home, dreaming about windows is next. Choosing 3:16 Home Exteriors can be one of the easiest decisions of the entire building process.

John 3:16

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